Kid's Club

A Place to Grow

At Holston Hills, it’s important to us that all members feel at home at the club and have opportunities to thrive. This is especially true of our youngest members. Kid’s Club is a once-monthly staff-led program with activities that range from outdoor games to arts and crafts. Each with a theme, kids are quick to make friends and let loose in this just-for-kids environment - it’s something they look forward to time and time again.

Programming varies throughout the year, but some of our most memorable activities include:

  • The pie-smashing, slime-covered fun of Messy Mania
  • Making groovy tie dye t-shirts on the terrace
  • Channeling our inner-Picassos for Cookies and Canvas

Summer Camps

Take advantage of long summer days with our annual summer camps! We incorporate all the club’s facilities (from learning golf and tennis fundamentals, to cooling off at the pool) for fun-filled days with friends.